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Welcome to Work & Money.
Whether you’re just starting out in the work force, juggling work and motherhood, or getting ready to change jobs, or trying to master your money challenges — we’ve got you covered with our Work & Money section. Here, we discuss college, career prep, finding a job, making a living, and how to manage your money so that it doesn’t manage you.
Your Work, Your Passion
Certainly, work is about making a paycheck and paying those bills (okay, a little shopping too!), but work is also about your passion. Your life’s work should be something that inspires you, something that gets you out of bed in the morning.
Easier said than done, right? Well, it’s all about that soul-searching — and maybe a little trial and error! A great place to start is to check out some of the paths of other working women who have been in your shoes before. Who knows? You might become inspired to find your passion as well!
Women and Money: Pros & Woes
Fortunately, the pros are the ones helping the rest of us out with our money woes. After all, we’re not born with the ability to earn big, save, and invest. This is the stuff you’ve got to learn, and on The Grit & Grace Project, we want you to have the best information possible. While most of all of us are not pros in finance but we willingly share our real life experience, our stories, solutions, the wisdom we’ve gained along with a little bit of information from the professionals. We’re here to offer what worked for us to help you better handle your money — and your debt.
From reducing your high-spending tendencies and saving cash with super apps to what to do when you’ve lost a job and being prepared in the event of a financial loss — we offer our very own financial experience that may help you to make smart decisions for you and your future too.
It’s all here on The Grit & Grace Project.

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