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4 Unique Shops That Empower and Rescue Women

My shopping strategy has transitioned somewhat over the past couple of years since two things happened: I got connected to Instagram, and I stopped being afraid to order clothing or footwear online. Instagram has allowed me to find all kinds of handmade items and one-of-a-kind boutiques that I might never have otherwise stumbled upon. And my lessening fear about repackaging and returning apparel purchased on the computer has saved me lots of time and gas. Especially since many stores offer free shipping…and some of them, like Nordstrom, paid postage on returns! One thing I especially love to discover, whether in person or online, are stores that have a purpose—those whose profits are used to rescue women out of poverty, addiction, prostitution and […]

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How to Get That Job Promotion

If you’re a professional woman happy with the career you’ve chosen, chances are you always keep an eye out for opportunities to move up the professional ladder in your field. Going after and getting a promotion, or more than one, is part of your long-term goal and something you’ve worked hard to achieve. Getting a promotion generally doesn’t “just happen.” When a position suddenly opens up, you can’t just assume you’ll get it based strictly on your longevity, past accomplishments, or good relationship with your boss. You need a strategic plan, a set of tasks you meld into your daily work activities that will get you ready when it’s time to go after a new job title and the bigger salary that

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Three Cords Haiti Life Transformation For At-Risk Women

Three Cords Haiti: Life Transformation For At-Risk Women

Colorful bolts of fabric vied with the whir of multiple sewing machines for our attention as we stepped out of the heat and dust and into the small blue building. As I tried to take in the sights and sounds of busy hands, pouncing needles, and soft chatter, a beautiful young woman named Guerline swiveled her chair around. What she said captured everyone’s heart: “Oh, maybe I could use one of those if I have a baby one day!” She was eyeing my daughter’s Solly baby wrap, a massive length of fabric that was wrapped around her body and holding my infant grandson safe and snug against her chest. Guerline had never seen one, and her excitement was palpable. We could understand

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The Great Defender

The Great Defender

From the time we were little girls, we have had to defend ourselves from something. The whispered lies of self-seeking childhood playmates. The gossip of our neighbors, or women at church … even friends. A coworker who misconstrued a comment to the boss, or a boss who didn’t have the time, patience or grace to hear our side of the story. Our boyfriends and husbands during literally every argument we’ve ever had with them. Defending ourselves is exhausting. And complex, a reaction to emotion that is stirred by perceived injustice and fueled by past wounds and a motive of self-justification, perhaps even self-preservation. That’s why we love the overwhelming beauty in the story of the woman with the alabaster jar. The disciple

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Having Faith Over Fear in a Scary World

Two days before my husband and I left for a bucket-list Alaskan cruise, North Korean’s mass-murdering dictator Kim Jon-un announced he had a nuclear missile that could reach Alaska. My heart leapt in my chest when I heard that stunning news. We went anyway, and tried not to think about that possibility. While we were on the cruise, we booked another one that begins and ends in Barcelona. And then…Islamic terrorists killed 12 people and injured nearly 100 more who were innocently and joyfully sightseeing along a pedestrian mall in Barcelona that is popular with tourists. A place we might very well be walking. Once again, we went anyway. Going back a few years, I remember that the week before my first

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Back to School Clothes: 10 Different Ways to Save Money

It’s still summer, your days ripe with swimming and popsicles and vacations, and then you get it … a reminder. Whether it’s from your kids’ school about their uniform requirements or you randomly look at the calendar and realize the days are waning. Before the idea of school preparation ruins the rest of your lazy days and makes you start pinching pennies on summer fun, don’t panic. There are a number of options for saving whether it’s on school uniforms, and even on those designer jeans your teenager is clamoring for: • First clean the closet to find the clothing items that aren’t worn out. For the ones that still fit make a list of possible tops or bottoms to make a fresh

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How to Fly With an Infant: 10 Helpful Tips

My daughter and son-in-law work for a large nonprofit in Haiti but come home every three months on furlough and stay at our home in Florida. Typically while they’re in the U.S., they take a weeklong trip to Texas to work at the organization’s headquarters, and occasionally fly to other states to meet with supporters of their ministry. My grandson was born 14 months ago during a stay at our house, but started traveling with his parents at about eight weeks old. Since then, we’ve all lost count of how many times he’s flown around the country and back and forth to Haiti. My daughter has learned some great tips for traveling with an infant, many due to trial and error. After

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How to Craft a Professional Email

We’ve all heard the statement, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Never is that more important than in a business email. I imagine most women reading this article are nodding their heads, as am I, because we’ve totally blown that advice a time or two. Usually with our worst client, the one who whines and demands and never gives us the information we’ve asked for a half-dozen times so that we can complete the job and get them off our back! When I worked in Public Relations, I quickly learned that the tone of an email can be very subtle. Just a few word choices and sentence structures can either be well received by a client…or totally raise

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Want to Help Foster Kids? How to Become an Advocate

I first heard about the Guardian ad Litem program when I moved to Florida 20 years ago. There were frequent commercials about it on TV and I always thought, “That is a really neat program…maybe one day I’ll volunteer!” About 17 years went by, during which time I homeschooled my daughter, lost my husband and went back into the workplace, transitioning through a series of pretty challenging jobs. After nine years as a single mom, I got remarried and was able to start working part-time from home, freeing up my days for personal pursuits I had put on hold for many years. A good friend who owns a small newspaper in town asked me to do a story on the Guardian ad Litem (GAL)

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5 Ways to Care for a Single Mom on Mother’s Day

A couple of years after I became a widow, a woman in my community started going out of her way to help single moms. Our church gave her a budget and friends gave her a hand, and I was one of many single moms who reaped the blessings of the loving donations of time and offers of help and even gifts. The thing that I remember most is that they gave the kids of single moms a Visa gift card before Mother’s Day so they could buy their moms a gift. If the children were too young to shop on their own, another mom took them to the mall and helped them pick out something just right. It was such a sweet expression

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5 Items You Need For Your Work Wardrobe

5 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Work Wardrobe

I have a good friend who’s a very successful image consultant, and I’ve learned a lot from her about the truth that clothes really do “make” a woman—especially a career woman. The colors and styles we wear not only make us feel confident inside, they also can convey confidence to our clients if they fit us right and reflect our skin tone and personalities properly. However…no matter what your age, skin tone, or workplace environment, there are a few essentials every woman needs that will stand the test of time and work with the more personality-laden pieces in your closet. Here are 5 staple items you need in your work wardrobe: 1. A straight black skirt that hits at the knee 2. Neutral pumps

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Time Management Hacks

7 Time Management Hacks for a Successful Workday

I had been a reporter fresh out of college for a year and I was supremely independent. I had beats to cover, and I spent my days bopping around town interviewing everyone from first-graders to politicians. Week after week I turned in several stories, and within a few days they would show up in the paper. My boss, a good editor and kind man, rarely said anything to me about them though, leaving me to figure that either he loved my stuff or it was so bad he didn’t know what to do. After almost a year, I finally got brave enough to ask. It turned out he was happy with my productivity and my writing, and was spending his time editing

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6 Ways to Help You Get Ready for a Job Interview

I had had a job interview a few years ago for a position I had never heard of in an industry I knew absolutely nothing about. I had just been laid off by a business that collapsed during the recession and I discovered this position when an acquaintance asked me if I’d be interested. It was the holidays and I was a single mom with a daughter in college, so in desperation I replied, “Sure, why not?” Not only was I pretty clueless about what the job entailed, I later learned this industry had a lot of movement among people in the particular position for which I was applying. I was not only unqualified, but also outnumbered, with multiple experienced candidates interviewing

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4 Apps That Will Make the Working Woman’s Life Simpler

4 Apps That Will Make the Working Woman’s Life Simpler

I know the first thing you’re thinking is, “Aghh! I don’t need any more apps on my phone!” I get it … I have multiple pages of them that I’m constantly organizing and editing. But hear me out. If you’re a working woman, you are always looking for ways to do literally everything better and faster. And there are some really cool apps out there that can help. Below are 4 apps we’ve found to be time savers, money savers, and—sometimes—sanity savers: 1. Expensify Yikes! You just found a wad of receipts in the bottom of your purse and your expense report is due today. If your handbag or car console is your filing system, this is the app for you. With more

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How to Know if It's Time to Change Your Job

How to Know if It’s Time to Change Your Job

Some of us love job-hopping. Whether it’s for the sheer challenge, better pay, or a totally left-turn change of career, we find it adventurous and exciting to say good-bye to one employer and hello to another. But for others of us, unless we are being cheated, sexually harassed, or treated unethically in some way, switching jobs requires a lot of preparatory work, planning, and well-thought-out (and sometimes agonizing) decision making. Occasionally we can negotiate with our current employer for changes we need or desire, such as altering our hours or transferring to a different division or location. But when that isn’t possible, it may be time to move on. Go for it! Below you’ll find some fair reasons to change jobs, and below

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advice for women raising their grandchildren

Advice for Women Raising Their Grandchildren

Sometimes you can be the best darn mom and things still go awry. That happened to a friend of mine with her oldest son, who has chosen to live his adult life in an extremely dysfunctional way. Sadly, the woman he fathered a child with has made similar choices for her own life. And thus my friend, after multiple attempts to help her son, finds herself raising her granddaughter full time. It’s not easy. She thoroughly loves this sweet little girl, and she certainly doesn’t resent packing lunches and being back in the school pick-up line or helping with homework after many years of those tasks being behind her. Her struggle is that her son is still in their lives (as is

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The Beauty in the Broken

The Beauty in the Broken

My grandson and I were seated at a well-worn picnic table, having lunch with a hundred people from all over the country who had come to his Haiti home for a week of ministry. Josiah had just turned eight months old and I was holding him so his mama could eat without his cuteness squirming in her lap and grabbing at her plate. I placed him beside me on the bench, wrapped my arm around his chest to keep him safe, and watched as he became engrossed with knotholes in the wood between his chubby little legs and bare toes. He traced the first one he found over and over and I felt I literally could see his little brain wheels turning

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