Harvest Some Positivity This Spring

Harvest Some Positivity This Spring

We recently celebrated the first day of spring. The sun has melted away the 20-degree temps we awoke to. Makes me think Mother Nature was hibernating herself.

I was born in the spring. My birthday has even landed on Easter a couple times, which was way more exciting when you were a kid. I would get a big chocolate bunny on my birthday cake. I love how in the spring you can see everything come to life. The trees, the seedlings, the flowers. My favorite flower has always been a daisy even before Drew Barrymore rocked them in the 90s.

Spring Is a Fresh Start

bible verses on new beginnings

Not sure if it’s the flowers or the fruits, but there’s something about spring that excites my soul. I love a fresh start, so I assume that is why I am drawn to this time of year like a moth to a flame. New Years, a Monday, the first of the month, spring—all are chances for us start again and become the person God intended us to be. The person we were supposed to be before losing our way or living up to someone else’s expectations. I realized just this past winter that the cold season of hibernation gives us ample time to depend on God and really dig deep.

In the digging we can find our authentic selves so we can see the fruit of the spirit come to life in the spring. We can make choices every day that lead us to become that person—that wife, mother, friend. I know I am enjoying the rebirth of the season already. I am ready to come out of the blankets and books and begin again.

Observe the Good and Harvest Some Positivity

After sharing my article about winter, I was reminded one Monday how we always share the heartbreak but not so much the delightful things that happened to and through us. What if we change that this spring? What if instead of complaining we started to compliment? What if we chose to see the good instead of the bad? The flower instead of the weed?

As the buds start to bloom on the trees and our gardens get tended, what if we try see the majestic? I know I need to notice that more. In me, in my husband, in my children, in the things we face every day. There is so much beauty we leave unnoticed. Let’s try and be more observant this spring.

I could have waited to write this when we got onto our new land. When all the things we have been waiting for came to pass. But it is easy to be excited when everything is going our way. So, I am writing this now.

On the heels of winter, we’re still in a trailer at the campground. On the first day of spring I am excited not only to see this positivity grow in me and my family, but also see the person God made grow along with it. But as I write that, I’m reminded it’s when I step into His plan for my life that I can truly see the positive. Because even when things aren’t perfect, I am reminded of His plan, and I have faith in that. So, this spring I will be doing lots of excavating. Excavating the land, my heart, ready to plant and harvest what God brings forth.

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