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Styles (Like the Jumpsuit) Come and Go for Good Reasons

Styles (Like the Jumpsuit) Come and Go for Good Reasons

I have recently observed the reemergence of the jumpsuit. You know, the one-piece article of clothing that you stick your legs through and pull up over your wiggling posterior in order to shove the left arm, then right arm, through the armholes? If you’re fortunate, it fastens in the front, making it an easy garment to secure. If you’re not, you are straining to fasten the back of said jumpsuit—trying not to increase the discomfort in said posterior as you’re pulling fabric in ways and places it shouldn’t have to pull.

Then there’s the issue of public restrooms. How does one drop the top while holding the leg at the same time so the germs that reside on every surface within the stall do not find a path to attach themselves onto your garment? This is a task that even Houdini would have found challenging.

And bodysuits! They’re onesies for grown-up women with fasteners that often place themselves in incredibly uncomfortable locations. Now the cuteness virtue of these particular items is a very real thing. They can look totally adorable. But I can also assure you tha
t there were a few reasons we put them behind us.

That being said, let me give a few beauty tips that life experience offers:

1. Don’t buy the hype. Just because the fashion industry tells you what the newest, best fashion statement of the season is doesn’t mean it has to be yours. You may love it, you may not. Their job is to sell clothes, your job is to choose the items that are right for you.

2. Find your own style. The wonderful thing about fashion in today’s world is that it’s diverse. You can be fashionable in athletic wear, a killer dress, jeans, boots, a chambray shirt or a career suit. Who you are and what you do should determine your wardrobe choices.

3. Embrace diversity. There may be days you want to slip into the 6-inch stilettos and days the cute, little flats fit the bill.

4. Comfort can look cute. You may not want to live in cute comfort every day, but I am suggesting you’d be really happy if comfort was a consideration in the wardrobe you create. You will be more likely to wear it if you’re not in pain or pulling and tugging the entire day.

So if you want to wear that cute jumpsuit, or if the bodysuit that won’t pull out of your waistband appeals to you, have at it. Just take the advice from one who has seen fashion come and go that there are some clothing styles that were better left in the distant past. The 80s certainly prove that, am I right?

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