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Welcome to HerStory.

“HerStory of a Grit and Grace Life” is a place to tell our stories, revealing the challenges we have faced, the hurts we have walked through, and the healing we have found. We are not here to engage in the “his-story” debate. Instead, we’re creating a safe space where women can speak with vulnerability, honesty, and transparency about their struggles. A place where they found their strength.

We are women helping other women believe they can overcome because we have. We are not afraid of the messy realities of life. We know that it is the tragedies, frustrations, and misfortunes that uncover the beauty of our strength, where the richness of our faith is forged.

So join us as we offer a glimpse into our stories, a place where strength will be found and may they be a source of encouragement as you embrace your own in this Grit and Grace Life.

Finding Joy in the Unwanted Journey

This was it, exactly what my heart had secretly desired. I was pregnant! We had just received the results of our genetic testing to

I Never Thought I’d Find Purpose in My Pain

I was still reeling from the shock and pain of breaking up with my boyfriend of 5+ years just minutes before. He was my

This Is a Window Into My Widowhood

I remember getting the call. “Paul has had an accident and it’s not good. We need to get over there.” It was his dad

How I Made Beauty From Ashes and Burnt Toast

I have been many things in my 40 years. I’ve tried on many different hats. I have been a fashion-forward retail worker in New York

The field was a place of childhood imagination, a land filled with underground forts, wood crate castles, and a path that wandered over dirt

I Cheated: How Grace Changed My Marriage for Better

Sitting on the side of the tub in my parents’ bathroom, I stared at the two lines on the pregnancy test. I felt numb.

My Dad's Suicide and the Hole in My Heart NEW

I knew my father was having a difficult time in life. It was so very unlike this man whose smile warmed the hearts of

This is How My Son's Suicide Rocked My Faith

The world as I knew it ended on July 19, 2015. It was a day that shook my faith and my sanity. I walked

Creating an article about my life story had me really unsure about where to start or what to share. My story is not neat and

I Never Wanted to Be a Pregnant Widow 2

This is part one of a three-part series following Ashby's story.  A pregnant widow: two words I never thought I would use to describe myself,

This Is Why Choosing Life Was Hard

On June 20th, the most heartbreaking thing happened in my state. Rhode Island state senator, Gina Raimondo, passed an “abortion protection bill.” She stated,

My Husband Fought for His Nation, but Lost a Battle at Home

My family and I love going to Washington D.C. I’ve gone countless times since I was a kid, especially because my dad did so

Our children and grandchildren met each other for the first time over pizza on a Friday evening. A bonfire was built later that night.