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The Holiday Funk

The Holiday Funk

Do you ever find yourself in a funk? Suddenly out of nowhere you feel lost, confused, down, or just a little off? You may not be able to pinpoint exactly why or how it started, but you know you are not completely yourself.

Have you noticed this often happens during the holidays? The “joyous” season misses you and you may not know why. You might be wondering “Who am I?” or “What is wrong with me?” The rest of the world is singing songs, but you just want to shut the door and close the blinds.

I am talking to those of us who find ourselves in this funky place from time to time, not for months or years. If you have been experiencing a long season or are having trouble functioning in your everyday life, please take some steps to get some help if you have not already.

If your “funky” place is short term, it may be caused by difficult changes in life. They always seem more daunting in this season of family and friends. Maybe there will be someone missing this Christmas. Maybe it is the approaching winter or lack of sunlight that gets you down. Maybe the pressures of an overly ambitious to do list becomes your catalyst for the holiday funk!

The rest of the world is singing songs, but you just want to shut the door and close the blinds.

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I am not the biggest fan of the cold, and I wake up outside most mornings due to the nature of my job. This winter, I will somehow have to convince myself to get out of my covers at 5:30am when it is 15 degrees outside. My prayer life starts immediately each morning during the winter months with this plea: “Lord, please help me just get out of bed today.”

Whether it is during the holidays or any other time, whether you know the reason or not, whether it’s a big thing or small thing, show yourself some grace and compassion. It’s okay to be a little bit off—there is nothing “wrong” with you! Take heart, this too shall pass.

Give yourself a break. Just pull out of the grind for a bit. Focus on one day at a time. Avoid the malls, have a movie day, veg with a book, change your life view for a day, even a few hours. Look back in time and you will realize these funks ended, even the holiday ones. Just knowing it won’t last forever is sometimes all you need to get to the other side.

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