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Truth From a Boy Mom

Truth from a Boy Mom

Some true things about boy-momming:

…it requires a ton of grit.

…it involves dirt.

…it is noisy.

…things get broken, like lamps and legs.

…and this is the definition of normal.

…often what we want them to act like is actually, upon further thought, feminine.

…it is lonely.

…boys can be both chatty and companionable, but only on their own terms.

…it’s worth the wait for those times when it is (their terms, that is).

…like all other relationships, it works best with grace.

…just to be clear: grace means I accept them at Point A even when I want them to get to Point B.

…even if Point B is important.

…it means death to my expectations (not an injuring blow, I’m talking murder).

…but I can and should have big buckets full of hope.

…in the end, boys become men and exceed those expectations anyway.

…boys’ lives can only handle one woman.

…but there is room in their hearts for you. It’s like a guest room though, so don’t overuse it.

…enter the daughter-in-law, the one woman. (Hint: it’s not you anymore nor should it be.)

…pray for her, love her, make friends with her. It’s not all that complicated.

…all of this is difficult to remember, so ask your husband to remind you.

…the story isn’t over yet.

…this bears repeating: the story isn’t over yet.

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