Is Easter the Ultimate Call to Action? – 237

Easter isn’t all about Peeps and Cadbury eggs, although co-host Julie Bender wouldn’t mind one or two! But is Easter the ultimate call to action?

In this heartfelt podcast episode, Julie and Darlene Brock discuss the significance of Easter, which they recognize as the pinnacle of their faith. But what does it mean to truly observe the holiday? Here, they unpack the meaning of Jesus Christ’s brutal death on the cross more than 2,000 years ago and why His suffering, while difficult to think on, is crucial to understanding the scope of His love for us and how we’re supposed to live today. You’ll see how Jesus’ forgiveness even as he was dying models the way we should approach our relationship with others through sacrificial love and grace.

The message of Easter is one of hope, today and for a lifetime.

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Quote of the episode:

“My relationship with Christ is secure because of what he did and I’ve accepted it. And because of that, I have hope today. I have hope tomorrow. I have hope everyday of this life and for all of eternity.” —Darlene Brock




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