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Never Settle Again—Advice for Any Relationship – 234

Love is in the air! Maybe you’re in a loving relationship and feel giddy at the mere mention of love, or maybe you’re on the hunt for that special someone. No matter your relationship status, one thing is certain: Don’t settle for less!

In this podcast episode, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender discuss how our expectations for love compare to our current relationships or what we want in a man. They explain why you should trust the process (and your gut!) and not rush anything, and how to celebrate and honor a healthy relationship. They also share their favorite relationships advice and 14 quick ways to tell if your man is worthy of your love, so you never settle again!

Quote of the episode:

“When you’re dating someone, go to and put their name in. ‘Is Bob kind? Is Bob loving? Is Bob patient?’ That’s going to be very telling.” —Darlene Brock




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