A Simple Guide to Poshmark and How to Make Cash Fast


It started with brand new Kate Spade earrings that were too big for my ears and Cole Haan flats I had only worn once; I was unable to return both but wanted to get good money for them. I had plenty of other clothing items I liked but didn’t love, just holding on to them because they were still too good to give away. I did some research and came across Poshmark, an app where users can sell their clothing, shoes, and accessories. A frequent closet-purger but also a money-saver, I became hooked.

Poshmark makes selling your items and getting paid easy. You can answer any questions within each item’s listing and barter with buyers if they decide to make an offer rather than purchase for your listed price. Once your item has sold, you are instantly emailed a shipping label that just needs to be printed and placed on a plain box/packaging or a free priority mail box or envelope from your local post office or pack-and-ship. I often recycle boxes and envelopes from online shopping. Once the buyer has received your item (you can track through the app), they will “accept” the item via the app and the funds will become available to you. You may let your money build up and make purchases through Poshmark or withdraw funds at any time. Funds can be set up as a direct deposit into your bank account or mailed via check.

I typically take a few minutes on a weekend morning to take pictures of my clothes and start posting the listings as I have the time on my phone throughout the day. As I have gradually posted and sold items I wasn’t getting much wear out of, I have now made over $700 and a friend of mine has recently topped $1,000! When I tell others about Poshmark, I can’t seem to stop talking because not only have I made decent money, but I’ve also bought a ton of stuff at steep discounts (Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palette, Madewell shoes, and my go-to Tory Burch studs to name a few). When I do stop and take a breath, it’s usually to answer the most common question: “I have so many clothes but dont know where to start! Does it take a lot of work?” Personally, I think the effort has been more than worth it and with the tips below, you can be withdrawing cash (or replacing your wordrobe) as early as next week!

Here are 8 tips on using Poshmark like a pro:

1. Know your way around.
The profile tab on the bottom right of the app is where you’ll go to see all of your listings (My Closet). “My likes” will be your collection of saved items by tapping the heart if you’re interested in purchasing. “My Sales” will show you each sale and you can track shipped items from there. “My Balance” shows the funds you have as well as deposit details. Use “My Seller Tools” to offer a discount for purchasing multiple items at once or to place a vacation hold on your account when you know you won’t be able to ship items.

2. Describe your item using brand and style name and mention any important details.
For the title, start with the brand name, maybe color, and style name if you have it. If you don’t have the exact name from the brand, use style descriptives. For example: J. Crew Navy Sidewalk Skirt; LOFT 3/4 Sleeve Silk Top; Old Navy Cotton Maxi Dress. In the description, mention any obvious flaws and if they are noticeable while wearing or not.

3. Take measurements.
In the description of the listing, include measurements for clothing since you’ll likely be asked. I recommend taking length, width (waist/hips or armpit to armpit), and any others that may effect how the item fits. Also mention if you feel like the item fits like a a different size, stretches or not, or if it has been altered in any way.

4. Take well-lit photos with a plain background.
All you need is a camera phone, but waiting until the time of day when your room is the brightest is helpful. This prevents grainy and unclear photos. Take at least one photo that shows the whole item (use as cover photo) and a few detail shots so users can see any lace/eyelet, fringe, patterns, etc.

5. Have the item styled and/or modeled.
I do believe listings with the clothing worn get more attention, which turns into more money for the item. If the item is current, try to find a stock photo online if you’re not comfortable modeling (I was selling so many clothes that didn’t fit anymore, and sometimes I just didn’t feel like trying them all on).

6. Set your price high.
When setting up your initial listing, choose a reasonable price that’s a little higher than what you would accept. Poshmark does take a small percentage and people may offer you less than you ask for, so starting out a little high works to your advantage. The app is always clear about how much you’ll take away from each sale. Also, when you lower a price more than 10%, all users who have liked that listing will be notified and offered discounted shipping from Poshmark (so don’t lower until a few people have liked!).

7. Share your listings.
On the top right of the screen or the bottom right of the listing, there is a “Share” button. Use this at least daily to get higher on others’ news feeds and also to share on other social media platforms. Poshmark has a few “parties” a day. They will pop up as an option to share to as well.

8. Engage other users.
Follow other users and share their listings (especially with similar brands and styles) to have the favor reciprocated. This will allow more and more shoppers to see your clothing. As others like your listings, thank them in the comments and offer to answer questions. If you get notifications that a user has “bundled” a few of your items, you can make them an offer for buying their selections together if you’re willing to take a little less. You would then ship all of the items together. A little friendliness goes a long way!

If Poshmark isn’t for you but getting cash for your clothing is still appealing, try one of these:

Other Apps: Tradesy and Mercari.

thredUP: Ship a bag of unwanted clothes and get paid for the bag.

Facebook/instagram: Make an album or account and share with your friends.

Clothes Mentor: With many stores around the country, Clothes Mentor offers you cash on the spot (30% of what they’ll sell it for). Just a warning that they can be a bit picky based on seasons and inventory.

Otherwise, happy poshing!

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