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I grew up in a loving home in the Midwest suburbs, and my life was essentially absent from heartache until I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at 21 years old. That was a defining moment in my life, and I’m so grateful to say it refined me into a woman of strength and depth. With a burning desire for my pain and healing to have a greater purpose, I threw myself into volunteer opportunities at my local college ministry and ended up working for the church that ran it the following year. I spent close to five years on staff, and my favorite responsibility was working with the adoptive and foster families involved in our Every Child Initiative. It was during this time that I met and married my husband, Stephen, who happened to be my coworker. I also shared an office with my current coworker, Julie Graham, and it’s through her that I was introduced to The Grit and Grace Project. As a Communication major and Journalism minor, I was instantly drawn to the opportunity to use my formal education while also fostering my love of writing, editing, and encouraging other women. I now live in the balance of Editor, wife, mom, and all of the other titles us woman carry. Though it can be challenging to juggle, I count myself lucky to be surrounded by love, strength, and purpose.

My friend invited me to read a book about gospel-centered parenting with her, and I agreed, which is funny because I’m not actually parenting


Every so often, I look at all of my thick, long hair and I'm overwhelmed

Can You Start A Career Later In Life, Absolutely

Depending on whom you ask, being a stay at home mom can be: fulfilling, exhausting, joyful, mundane, and so on and so forth. Often times,

Sweat and Sacrifices… Earning the Title of “Olympian”

The 2016 Olympics have entranced us all. There's simply nothing quite like watching the best athletes in the world compete against one another and shine.


After I was slapped with the diagnosis of Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune disorder that can cause almost total hair loss), I was left spinning


Father's Day is Sunday, June 17, so we've compiled a list of 11 gifts that range in price, simplicity, and style. Perfect for every guy


For the most part, I'd consider myself a girly-girl. I like to dress up, wear makeup, paint my nails, etc. However, spending a lot

Applying Grace and Understanding in the world of Autism

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism,” said Susan Pieples, who has 25 years of experience working with


The Grit and Grace Project is a place for strong women and those who want to be. We know that stories of women who display great

Margaret Thatcher A Woman Made of Iron, Grit, and Grace

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day set aside to acknowledge the political, economic, and social achievements of women around the world. With

2-Minute Read on How to Create a Wedding Registry

The engagement season is full of decisions and deadlines. Juggling details, proper etiquette, timelines, and relationships is a lot to handle all at once. For many reasons,

Women’s History Month Celebrating Strong Women

We all know that women impact the world every single day, but we love the fact that the United States has deemed the month of March

a valentines day message for every woman

Valentine's Day is here and we have something to say to every woman

5 Beauty Hacks for Annoying Girl Problems

Women have more issues that Vogue, so I've heard. Not all issues are easy to fix, but some can be quite simple—like the five problems

My most embarrassing moment

I began babysitting for my high school cheerleading coach, Toni, when I was about 14 years old. At that time, she had one boy,

6 Practical Tips That Have Helped Me Conquer Depression

Depression is not at all uncommon, yet we oftentimes don’t want to acknowledge its presence—even to ourselves. No one likes to admit their flaws, and in a


There’s a lot of bad news rolling in these days and quite honestly, it’s heavy. People hating one another, hurting one another, blaming one

Summer Reading List—Second 5

Want to see what our contributors are reading this summer? Check out 5 more of their picks below: Gone with the Wind by Margaret

Summer Reading List—First 5

Want to see what our contributors are reading this summer?  Check out 5 of their picks below: Back In The Day Bakery—Made With Love by

Happy Father's Day—What Makes a Good Man

Here at The Grit and Grace Project, we celebrate all of the qualities that make women—women. However, we also think it’s important to honor

How To DIY Manicure

I’m a girly-girl, but I’m also practical… So I’ve always aspired to have an enviable set of nails. However, when I paint them myself,

Grace in the Desert

I have wandered in the desert