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I could never have imagined what life had in store when I left home at the age of 18. From my early years as a receptionist at a prestigious law firm to living in a Christian commune then running a summer camp and conference center, my career has not been about coloring within the lines. I spent 20 years in the music business managing bands and producing award-winning music videos also serving as COO of ForeFront Records -- all while my husband and I raised our two amazing daughters. Looking back through the years, I realized that I survived through equal measures of grit and grace. I embraced these traits and was joined by my husband Dan to co-found The Grit and Grace Project, aimed at supporting strong women . . . and those who want to be. As an author and businesswoman, I've been featured on a variety of media outlets including FOX and CNN as well as ABC, CBS, NBC affiliates. I gain the most positive energy when I'm able to merge my personal and professional passions by helping women as they seek to find their inner strength. My formal education is limited to a high school degree, but I never let that hold me back from accomplishing my dreams while caring for my family. I have always been a firm believer that life challenges should neither defeat nor define you. It was in the busyness of producing award-winning music videos, managing music groups, promoting concerts and serving as COO of ForeFront Records that Darlene raised her two daughters. This unique blend of author, mother, businesswoman, wife, and creative producer has shown her that it is indeed true, “life challenges should neither defeat nor define you.” And just so you know, she wears the tool belt in her family.

A Little More About Me

Does It Matter to You

A few months ago my husband was once again in the yard being bitten by Florida’s “no see ‘ums” our state’s vicious sand fleas.

Surviving Sometimes Even Thriving

The women at The Grit and Grace Project have already lived through a bunch of this "getting through life" stuff. We've survived, thrived, then

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A few years ago my husband and I were building a home in the mountains of North Carolina. During a meeting with our builder

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I remember the year my mother bought my youngest daughter a specific Barbie that she wanted to add to her collection for her birthday.

My God in the Darkness

My almost two-year-old had quit walking. She wouldn’t stand without crying and was running a constant fever of 102. After three visits to the