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I live on a farm in the northwest Georgia mountains with my husband, 20-year-old son, and various other family members as they wander in and out, transitioning between homes, jobs, schools, or naps. 
I have five grown children, the eldest of which is 36, and seven growing grandsons, the eldest of which is eight. My life is a wonder-full mix of family and friends, football games and diapers, gardening, chores, church, and faith.
 I enjoy writing what I learn of God in my daily life, connecting all of these pieces--a messy offering of thanks and praise to my One True Love.
Wildflowers When You Need More From God

The sun was blinding me through the library windows. We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain for weeks on end, so the sunshine was


I ordered my dream bed from a shop on Etsy, a carved and distressed French Victorian fit for a king and queen—or wannabes. I

Dear Mama, I’ve been cleaning up the Christmas tree this week, sweeping pine needles and thinking of the things I’ve never said to you. They

When I stumble in my spiritual life, whether it’s a whole-hog wallow or just a baby toe in the dirt, my comeback is the

10 Truths I Found to Lose 75 Pounds

I’ve discovered a pandemic phenomenon: The Covid-19 10 is a 10-pound weight gain that creeps on in quarantine. In my defense, let me say that

My Embarrassing Moment at Church Changed Me (for Better)

I was dragging my feet getting ready. For as long as I can remember, we’ve had an open mic for folks to share their