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Girl, It’s Perfectly OK

Girl, It's Perfectly OK

Each of us go about life in our own, unique way. Though you may feel like some of your quirks are a bit ridiculous, we want you to know that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about; we all have them! While so many different avenues try to tell us what we should like and how we should act, we are here to say something different: celebration is always better than comparison.

So ladies, it is perfectly okay if…

1. You just had to get ice cream on your lunch break; you’re an adult so it’s allowed.

2. You make a detour and park at the garden center because… Succulents.

3. It’s your third caramel macchiato this week—it means you’re meeting up with a friend for a heart-felt chat. Read this first, by the way!

4. Pro-craft-ination (buying supplies and doing the project weeks later)… Or crafting when you should be doing housework. Either way, it brings a little joy to your heart.

5. You receive a rebuke from a coworker and experience printer issues at work, so you go into your office, close the door, and let hormones take over and tears flow… You’re human. A female human.

6. You brightened up a rainy day with some red lipstick, even though you rarely wear it. Don’t doubt yourself; be bold!

…celebration is always better than comparison.

Let’s give ourselves some grace and embrace all of the weird, the crazy, the laughable, the different, the sweet, and even all of the trying moments of life… That’s what makes a #gritandgracelife interesting!

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Catie has many sweet teeth, loves gardening (yes—inside, apartment plants do count), and gathering for “family” dinners with friends.

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