Can I Find Happiness without Neglecting the Needs of Others? – 167

Society tells us that we should pursue what makes us happy and cut ties with those who don’t agree with that or who get in our way. But does finding our happiness have to be selfish-or-self-destruct? What even defines happiness, anyway?

Darlene Brock and Julie Bender offer their insights on this important topic and talk about what happiness looks like in three areas of our lives: relationships, motherhood and work. Rather than focusing purely on how to find happiness—or, to adopt Darlene’s preferred term, “contentment”—they discuss how to work towards this idea in a way that balances our responsibilities and takes into consideration the impact our pursuit of happiness will have on those we really care about.

Quote of the episode:

In a healthy relationship, compromise will make you better; it will help you grow.” —Julie Bender


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