We’re Celebrating 200 This Grit and Grace Life Podcast Episodes

The One Where We're Celebrating 200 Podcast Episodes

We’re halfway through 2022, which means one thing: We’ve officially reached 200 podcast episodes of This Grit and Grace Life!

Darlene Brock (our president and co-founder) and Julie Bender (our podcast co-host) have tag-teamed on this venture since 2017, bringing you episodes with some very special guests—like Rebecca St. James, Mandisa and Rachel Cruze—and some fireside chat-esque conversations from the heart.

With every episode we brainstorm and schedule, we think about you. We read your comments on social media and listen to your responses to our published articles to see what felt needs women are experiencing. (Have some more ideas for what you’d like to hear from us? DM us on Instagram, send us a message over Facebook, or email us at info@thegritandgraceproject.org). 

The conversations flowing to your podcast player every Tuesday are the result of our desire to answer all the questions you have about raising your kids; your faith in good times and bad; your marriage; your purpose; and your feelings and responses to cultural issues.

Last year, we revamped the podcast with the goal of offering concrete, practical steps and takeaways that you can implement in your daily life. This way, you weren’t walking away empty-handed, but with the tools needed to conquer your challenges and pursue your purpose more intently than before.

Nothing makes our little team happier than knowing that we were able to help answer your questions and reassure you amid your worries; if these podcasts gave you even a glimmer of hope or encouragement that you didn’t have before you listened, then we hit our target.

Celebrating 200 Podcast Episodes

To mark this monumental milestone, we want to share 5 of our most downloaded, fan-favorite podcasts. Check them out below:

1. Why Hasn’t Your Boyfriend Proposed or Set a Date? with Dr. Zoe Shaw – 140

You’re ready to take the next step, but he hasn’t show any sign of moving forward in the relationship. What does that mean? Where is his head at? Dr. Zoe offers her insight from years as a relationship coach and psychotherapist.

Listen to the episode here:


2. A Strong Woman Plays Her Hand with Grit and Grace – 138

We all want to be strong women. (We wouldn’t be here together right now if we didn’t!) But sometimes life throws curveballs that test us. Darlene and Julie unpack how to apply grit and grace to every circumstance that comes your way, so that you can confidently play every hand you get dealt.

Listen to the episode here:


3. Finding Happiness with a Scary Future Ahead – 190

Between cultural tension and disagreements, economic hardships, lingering pandemic worries and more, it can be hard to look forward to the future with hope. If this has caused your anxiety to spike, we encourage you to take a listen.

Listen to the episode here:


4. OB-GYN Questions You Might Be Embarrassed to Ask with Dr. Holly Miller- 195

When do we see a gynecologist? What does a normal cycle look like? How regularly do I need a pap smear? Dr. Holly Millers answers these and many other questions that women might otherwise hesitate to ask.

Listen to the episode here:


5. Sex Trafficking: Why Kids are at Risk and What You Can Do to Protect Them with Christy Ivie – 121

We don’t shy away from the hard topics, either. Our community of listeners was really supportive and engaged with this episode, where guest Christy Ivie shared how we can protect our children from the dangers of sex trafficking.

Listen to the episode here:


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