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13 Things I Need to Quit For Good, Right Now

13 Things I Need to Quit For Good, Right Now

I need to quit thinking I’m not enough. Because I am. I am a person of value and have much to offer the world as long as I put the best of what I’ve been given to good use.

I need to quit debating with myself that I may never be “enough.” Because I am determined to never stop trying to become the best version of who I can be. For myself first, and then for other people.

I need to quit letting others define my level of confidence. Because their acceptance or personal opinion of me is not the right way in which to define what a strong woman truly is. Strong women are confident both in character and in their own skin.


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I need to quit wondering why I don’t have everything I need. Because I have exactly what I need, just not what I want at times. And understanding the difference can change my life.

I need to stop hoping for apologies from people who have hurt me that may never come. Because hearing the words might not change how I feel anyway. I need to let things go.

I need to quit being impatient. Because that causes me to make decisions without thinking through everything fully. Impatience only comes from my own insecurities or discontentment and waiting with grace will be more satisfying than if I had settled.

I need to quit working for the wrong kind of things (acceptance, approval, admiration, or adoration). Because those things only last for a moment and I want to leave a lasting legacy.

I need to quit giving everything I have to people who make me feel worthless. Because they will only cause my doubts and fears to fester. I need to surround myself with people who make me better.

I need to quit accepting less than what I am worthy of out of fear that it may be all I will ever get. Because everything I am meant to have and am willing to work and wait for will come to me in time. I’ve built a foundation of personal standards for a reason; settling would only lessen my self-worth.

I need to quit allowing myself to be disappointed in other people’s behaviors. Because the only thing I am responsible for controlling is my own character. How I behave and how I respond to others is worth being concerned about, not anyone else’s actions.

I need to quit judging others for not stepping up just because I think they should. Because it’s not my job to teach other people how I think they should live. I need to remain strong in character and hope I am a good influence.

I need to quit waiting for change from things or people that may never happen. Because it should be about how I am changing and growing for the better each and every day.

I need to quit letting my fear keep me away from my faith. Because on the other side of fear is the kind of woman I want to be.

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