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This Grit and Grace Life hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Bender, cross-generational lines and draw from life experience to discuss all things life—from the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, being single, married, or single again. Combining the two traits found in all women, grit, and grace, they laugh, share insights, and explore the road taken to find strength every day. Darlene and Julie will discuss everything from relationships to work-life balance, from parenting to empty-nesting and when they are stumped, bring in experts to help with these and other common issues women face. Join us, real talk for women embracing This Grit and Grace Life. #gritandgracelife

Teens have their own speak, using slang and lingo that can sometimes be difficult for adults to interpret. This week we are going to

Are you feeling anxious, with heightened levels of fear as we all grapple with new concerns that we didn’t see coming? Everything that brings

Have you noticed that sometimes women say one thing and mean another? At least, your co-hosts do! We’re decoding some pop-culture phrases (filling you

Today’s culture is experiencing a shift that often runs counter to biblical beliefs. As parents and women of faith, this can create challenges we

Your first case of motherhood insecurity may have started when you decided you wanted to be a mom, or when you found out you

Do you have a purpose in your life? Or avoid the subject because you feel that you don’t? Women who are living this #gritandgracelife

For thousands of years, people have tried to answer the question, “Who is God?” It’s a monumental question, and one that even people of faith

Are you like Julie, a card-carrying extrovert or a completely comfortable introvert? Maybe you’re a bit like Darlene, the self-diagnosed extroverted-introvert? Not sure where

Who doesn’t love Easter—another opportunity to eat candy, decorate our home, create new family memories, and, of course, the dress. But at the core

  This Grit and Grace Life is 100 strong this week! To celebrate, we are chatting about the most important topic: what makes you a

It’s amazing what women will do to feel beautiful. From crazy beauty tricks through time to what truly sets a woman apart, we have

How many style trends can you think of that just keep coming back, no matter how much they make us cringe? We've got to be

So, men can be pretty great, until they are not. Has the man in your life crossed a line that you just cannot live

  We believe grit and grace are vital traits of a woman’s nature—but some ask if we believe they can exist without faith. Or does

Friendships are incredibly valuable to our lives and our well-being, but they take work. Just like marriage, different seasons of life will require our

The holiday season is full of wonder, hope, and love. But, it can also be a season full of stress, pain and emotional agony.

Attitudes toward marriage have changed. Fewer couples are choosing to marry and, instead, are living together and starting families without the additional commitment that

Women have accomplished some pretty incredible things throughout history. It was women that patented windshield wipers, disposable diapers, non-reflective glass and a host of

  Healthy relationships require healthy boundaries. But do you struggle to know what they are? Whether we’re talking with a friend, significant other, family member,

Every woman’s story is unique. So is the road she's traveled while discovering her inner strength, her grit, and her grace. We don’t always

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