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This Grit and Grace Life hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Bender, cross-generational lines and draw from life experience to discuss all things life—from the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, being single, married, or single again. Combining the two traits found in all women, grit, and grace, they laugh, share insights, and explore the road taken to find strength every day. Darlene and Julie will discuss everything from relationships to work-life balance, from parenting to empty-nesting and when they are stumped, bring in experts to help with these and other common issues women face. Join us, real talk for women embracing This Grit and Grace Life. #gritandgracelife

Everything we do at This Grit and Grace Life is seeking to understand. It is our goal to humble ourselves and listen, to be

2020 has not gone as hoped. We anticipated "clear vision" and big revelations

Darlene and Julie are ramping back up. With summer behind us, it’s time to go full steam ahead with new episodes. But to get

Regret: such a short word that can carry massive weight! Do you know the feeling? Is there something you wish you had done or

Our faith guides us in all that we do. It is what enables us to manage This Grit and Grace Life. Since we believe

Your man has a lot of other women in his life who require attention and often demand his interaction. It could be his

Society has a lot of misconceptions about women. Are we emotional, unable to handle a budget, or into shopping? The answer is maybe yes

Has your life taken an unexpected turn after experiencing disappointment? Perhaps it’s left you feeling like you’re not good at what you thought you

Did you know that the majority of women in America today are in the workplace? Of course, you did; you’re probably one of them.

  We need to talk about sex trafficking. We assume it’s not a problem that is occurring in our backyard, or even in our country,

Easter happens every April (whichever Sunday they spring it on us!), but the lessons we learn from Jesus’ life as he walked this earth

How can a woman lead in every area of her life? Do you feel like you make an impact? Is leadership only for the

This Grit and Grace Life is a podcast for strong women and those who want to be. After several conversations with friends and hearing

  Think you have nothing in common with the guitar slaying, multi-platinum, international touring artist Korey Cooper from the band Skillet? She joins Darlene and

2020—the year none of us expected. The fear, isolation, and division created have left us feeling lost and even hopeless. But we don’t have

Life is good. Actually, life is really good! However, for many us, we are more negative in the way we view things and struggle

Single ladies, this one is for you! It seems that a lot of the content out there is focused on finding you a man!

Do the words “hormone health” make you cringe? Our hormones get blamed for mood swings, tiredness, complexion nightmares, and even weight gain! But, could

Let’s talk about self-love. We all struggle to some extent with it, from doubting ourselves, to battling insecurities, and feeling unworthy. We know these

Can you learn something from those who are younger than you? Should you listen to those “older and wiser?” Yes and yes! We began

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