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This is a safe space for those who’ve struggled or still struggle with addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography or other behaviors. We believe there is hope and freedom to be found.

Every Homeless Person Has a Story; Emily’s Changed Me Forever

It was late fall; the temperatures had already dropped below freezing. The snow was accumulating; freezing rain covered buildings and encased cars. We were facing the worst winter in decades. Homeless women and children were on the streets, living in cars, or huddling in camps on the outskirts of town. They were exposed, cold, and desperate. Multiple nights of subfreezing temperatures allowed the women’s emergency shelter to open in mid-December. It was home to single women and women with children in need of a meal, warm shower, and a safe place to sleep. Soon after the shelter’s doors opened I found Emily crouched in the corner of the doorway, elbows resting on knees, head in hands. She rolled an unlit cigarette between […]

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What It's Like on the Sidelines of Domestic Abuse

What To Do From the Sidelines of Domestic Abuse

I think of my sister often. Not because she’s passed away or we are estranged. I think of her because she showed me the face of courage. She taught me what it meant to be brave. When his hand slapped and beat her—she focused on her baby’s future. When he kicked and stomped her—she kept her eyes on the promise of a better day. When words cut deeper than her scars—she maintained empathy. She chose love. She endured the abuse of a mentally ill, drug-addicted husband—trapped by the fear of losing her daughter and her family. Battered and bruised, she survived. There’s More to It Than Meets the Eye I was five when my sister married, she was 17. He was her

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Addiction Affecting Your Life?

Addiction Affecting Your Life?

If you are a human being, it’s likely that addiction has touched your life in one way or another. We know this well, as it has affected many of our writers. Maybe someone you love struggles, or maybe it’s a battle you’re fighting. Perhaps you’re just building up the courage to ask the question—is this controlling my life?  Whether it be you or someone you care about, Grit and Grace Life is a safe space for anyone who struggles with addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or other harmful behaviors. And more than that, this is a place where we deeply desire to help you find hope and freedom—because we truly believe it is there. We believe it because we have experienced it.

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6 Ways to Love the Addict in Your Life NEW

6 Ways to Love the Addict in Your Life

My first Narcotics Anonymous meeting also happened to be my last. I was “encouraged” to attend NA with my uncle—a recovering alcoholic himself—once my folks discovered the bottles of prescription painkillers in the corner of my bathroom cabinet. I stepped into the room and took one look at the weathered, motley crew which comprised the members of the group, and quickly decided I wouldn’t be returning the following week. I wasn’t ready to quit downing pills with alcohol, much less admit I had a problem. My family is no stranger to addiction. Gambling, sex, alcohol, narcotics, pornography, tobacco, bulimia…you name it, and I’ve seen it. Some of the addictions have manifested themselves in more secretive, less overt ways—even in ways deemed socially

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change happens when god is in your recovery journey

Change Happens When God Is in Your Addiction Recovery

My breathing is shallow before I step into the stale, dimly lit room. I take a seat, nodding a hello to the docile man to my left and smiling at the woman who sits across from me facing their own addiction recovery. Her candid vulnerability and blatant remarks resonate, often causing me to think about her words long after our time together ends. I am just six months into my recovery journey and the youngest person in attendance. I’m not sure if we’d peg each other as friends outside of this room, but in this place, it’s as though these people understand me better than some of my bosom friends—their authenticity and vulnerability is refreshing and without airs or pretenses. But first,

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Ask Dr. Zoe – My Child’s Screen Addiction, How Do I Limit It?

‘Sammi’ Asked: How do I help my child wean themselves away from screens? It’s only a few hours a day but she feels entitled to it and gets hostile once I ask for it back or tell her to turn it off. Dr. Zoe Answered: The problem isn’t the screen time (although the device struggle is real), it’s really that she’s responding to you in a hostile way. It’s okay for her to be disappointed, frustrated, even irritable. Those are feelings and all feelings are okay. But hostile? That sounds like a behavior issue. Her hostility tells me that she doesn’t respect you or believe you. We teach our children how to treat us through our action or lack of it. Without

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Homelessness Do We See the Person Behind the Problem

Homelessness: Do We See the Person Behind the Problem?

“Heart to God, hand to man” is a slogan first spoken by William Boothe, the founder of the Salvation Army. It was also the inspiration of a song written and recorded by one of the musicians I worked with, Geoff Moore. The concept captured his heart: an answer to the plight of humankind first introduced in the late 1800s for the homeless, the hurting, and those in need. Realizing that this same need had not changed, Moore wanted to reintroduce that passion to a new generation. Because of that, we partnered with the Salvation Army, and that relationship educated me in a way that I hadn’t expected. To understand what the Salvation Army did, we went to their facility in Nashville, Tennessee

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Ask Dr. Zoe – Dating a Recovering Addict

‘Dating a Recovering Addict’ Asked: I have a friend who is getting serious with someone who’s a former addict. He has been through rehab more than once, but this last time seems to have been successful. He’s healthy and dedicated to his long-term recovery. I want to be supportive of my friend, and I know that people can change with hard work and commitment, however, are there some things that my friend can do to protect herself in this new relationship? Are there questions she should be asking him? Are there warning signs she should be aware of? I want to believe and hope for the best, but I also want to realistic. Dr. Zoe Answered: You are a wonderful friend to

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