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9 Qualities That Make a Good Friend

I drove upstate to visit my best friend from college this past weekend because she just had her first baby. I couldn’t help but ponder the milestones we’ve shared: graduations, weddings, fur-babies, and now…a real baby! Our friendship has been nothing but a gift to […]

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Ask Dr. Zoe – When Is a Friendship Toxic?

‘Frazzled Florida Friend’ Asked: Friends come and go and we all know that, but, how do I know when it’s time for me to let a friend go? What are my signs that this may be a toxic friendship that I need to let go […]

What to Do When Your Best Friend Breaks up With You 2
When Your Best Friend Breaks Up With You

Friendship is a true gift and a unique relationship, unlike any other I’ve experienced. We don’t talk about friendships breaking up as much as we talk about our romantic relationships; maybe it’s because the unique relationship between girlfriends is too hard to voice. The person […]

6 Ways to Focus on Self-Growth as a Woman

I personally get so caught up in all that I have to do that sometimes I miss out on opportunities to grow. At times it’s because I completely blow past them in my effort to complete my to-do list and other times I am honestly just too tired […]

5 Tips for Mending Fences in Your Relationships
5 Tips for Mending Fences in Your Relationships

It’s a great time to mend fences. Not the ones in the back 40 of the ranch where very few of us currently live; I’m talking about the fences that are in need of repair between us. The damaged or broken relationships we all experience. […]

10 Ways to Make the Most of Girls’ Night Out
10 Ways to Make the Most of Girls’ Night Out

It is cliché, but we are all busy. In our pursuits, passions, dreams, relationships, and all the craziness that comes with life, we are busier than we were a few years ago. But in the midst of the crazy, we crave our girlfriends. We all […]

He Brings Me Flowers, but Is That Enough
He Brings Me Flowers, but Is That Enough?

I have watched as so many women compromise on what they will accept from a man, especially the man considered to be her “rest of my life” partner. This concession doesn’t happen quickly; it comes slowly. Often without even realizing that you are giving up […]

So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 4 Things You Should Know
So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 4 Things You Should Know

You want to own your own business, become the boss with a goal of finding success and independence from another’s day-to-day expectations. From Shark Tank to house flipping, from launching your Etsy product line to joining a multi-level marketing company, there seem to be a […]

When Bearing Their Burden Breaks You
When Bearing Their Burden Breaks You

We all know someone carrying a burden. A friend on Facebook who recently got divorced, a friend in a bad relationship, a coworker with a wayward child, a mom friend who lost her husband. We don’t have to look too far to find someone in […]

Are You Worried Your Prodigal Will Never Return
Are You Worried Your Prodigal Will Never Return?

Motherhood is complicated, and there are parts of the journey that we are often reticent to share. One of the most agonizing may not be the experience of all moms, but in today’s culture it is of the large majority. This world is busy making […]

Don’t Let Your Failures Become Flounders

I’m a long-time flounderer. In fact, floundering has marked almost every area of my life at some point or another. You know why? Because I’m also a dweller. Yep, I dwell on my mistakes. I dwell on my failures. I dwell on my imperfections and […]

10 Ways to Stay Focused When You Work From Home
10 Ways to Stay Focused When You Work From Home

You wake up, take an overindulgent stretch, rub the sleepy from your eyes, wiggle your toes. Flip on the coffee and take a luxurious look around. It’s time for work! When you work from home, there is a lengthy list of wonderful attributes and it […]

Want to Be a Woman of Virtue? Remember These 4 Things…

Several years ago, the school where my husband and I taught asked us to give the Baccalaureate speeches at the graduation festivities. This was extra special since it was the first graduating class in the school’s history, and it’s a privilege we still talk about […]

5 Things I've Learned in a Decade of Wifing
10 Things I Learned in a Decade of Wifing

As I approached my 10 year wedding anniversary, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the lessons I’d learned through a decade of wifing, as I like to call it. There are hundreds of things I’ve learned about me, him, and certainly about […]

From One Mom to Another: How to Help Your Teen Mature

Parenting teenagers can be very challenging and stressful on all levels of the matter. I have been in the teenage phase for the past four years, and though it’s not always tough, there have been times where it has left me feeling exhausted, depleted, and […]